For the last 4 years my main goal was to provide high-quality 3D visualization services by combining customers' ideas, photo/video and creativity of Ukrainian talents with the latest achievements in computer graphics technology for architects, builders, interior designers and graphic design. Of course, during this period a lot of material and great experience was accumulated and I would like to share it with you! I am sure this article can help people to connect with 3D visualization, animation or architecture.Working with 3D visualization our goal is the realization of architectural or marketing projects in the virtual space with the help of computer technology. I will describe the most important stages of the process. For getting the best results, the customer should make the correct technical requirements including all the details and aspects of the materials that will be needed for the visualization of the project. So, here is some kind of information that should be presented in the requirements specification:

1. Drawings.


This is the most essential detail of information that is supplied to the client, because it’s the basis for the creation of 3D models. Drawings can be executed in various electronic formats, but DWG format and drawings made using AutoCad are considered to be ones of the best. These formats permit simulating a project of any complexity as soon as possible.

2. Landscape and the General Plan.

Construction of roads to the building, special sites for different types of operation, elements of improvement, gardening and landscaping have a significant importance besides the main building and environment. If we have a drawing of the territory with details of its exterior and landscape, and pictures of the countryside, which will be located in the immediate vicinity of the building, we will be able to create a 3D model of the building and the adjacent territory in the highest quality.

3. Textures and materials.

It’s important to know the types and colors of all the materials that will be used for the elements of the building, decoration and interior design for a correct 3D visualization of the building. The best way to provide samples is the photo with a description and reference to the item you want.

4. The viewing angle and the number of them.

Depending on the type of project, the customer may need 3D visualization of the interior, exterior, floor plan, landscape separately or all together. The most important things are price and terms that depend upon the object type and number of viewing angles. So you shouldn’t be in a hurry choosing them. It’s important to consider everything carefully!

You shouldn’t forget that well thinking and forming technical requirements is your success!


How it works!

Each working process has its stages and 3D visualization is not an exception. I'll tell you about the main phases of production.

A. Shooting location with specialized equipment.
B. Building 3D model of future structure.


C. Post production & Rendering


D. Conducting a photo session and placing models to images


E. The next step is design of advertising products:



As you can see these are the principal stages of work in creating the image using the 3Dvisualization. So we can get the final materials for advertisement. 




Alexander Sorochinskiy
Alexander Sorochinskiy

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