What, in your opinion, is the main reason why companies break their relationship with the contractor for visualization? I bet this is not what you were thinking about right now.

According to the latest research (which fully correspond to our inside statistics), most customers break off cooperation because of poor communication! This is not a breakdown of deadline, price changes (in the process of implementing the project) or not restraining promises of high quality. As a rule, everything starts from the moment when the contractor receives the Technical Assignment, and then everything goes as in the mathematical equation - a small error in the beginning generates the wrong result at the end.

The main factors influencing the poor communication between you and the contractor:

1 The language barrier.
2 Misunderstanding of the customer's needs or distorted perception of the customer's needs.
3 Lack of optimized structure and instructions in the contractor's production department.
4 Low qualification of employees in the production department.

All of the above items are limited by the contractor's lack of experience. There are cases when the contractor company is unable to conduct normal communication, because they have firmly established a core misunderstanding of the interaction with the client multiplied by the awful level of staff qualifications.

You ask me - How can this problem be avoided? This is possible if you follow the following recommendations:

1.Often, for the customer, the most attractive contractors are those companies that offer the lowest price. Always ask yourself - why their services are lower than those of competitors? Even better, if you ask the question directly, why does the contractor have such a price?

2.Carefully study the implementation algorithm for your project and the structure of the contractors production department. Specify the number of future revisions at different stages of production.

3.Choose companies with experience in implementing similar projects, with specific examples from the portfolio. Do not hesitate to фыл the contractor about the timing of projects from the portfolio, about how the process of communication with the client occurred during the implementation of that project.

It happens that the customer, in a hurry, makes an emotional decision to collaborate with some company because of a low price offer, or an impossible promise to implement the project in a very short time. These seemingly simple recommendations can greatly simplify your process of choosing a contractor, unless of course you do not forget about them. Wish you good luck!

Alexander Sorochinskiy
Alexander Sorochinskiy

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