Dear Sir or Madam, my name is Alexander and I’m from Ukraine. As you already know, Ukraine is an excellent human resource of talented and not expensive specialists! It is a great pleasure for me to offer you cooperation on profitable terms in the sphere of IT technologies, 3D visualization and even more. If you want to reduce the company's costs, improve efficiency, reach a higher level of work or start a new project, our offer can be really helpful to you! I think you already know that the biggest quantity of companies (your competitors) has already chosen an effective scheme of outsourcing.


  1. Working out business plan / strategy for the company (FREE) *
  2. Budget and expenses calculation (FREE) *
  3. Searching / selection of personnel
  4. Creation of normative base / documents / reporting
  5. Registration in state institutions and tax service / banking
  6. Starting Up
  7. Management
You can find some possibilities and benefits for your business for FREE. Only when you have the whole overview with business plan, strategy, work system, budget and costs you will be able to make your choice and move on.



  • 3d visualization
  • animation
  • design
  • marketing
  • architecture projects
  • development of web pages
  • application development
  • location of servers and render farms
  • network services
And this is of course not the end of it! The team of specialists will work according to your exact needs, so your possibilities are not limited! I offer you not to order different types of services, but to make your own department that will do all the work for you.


  1. No extra costs! You receive services from a first-person. No need in spending money on recruitment agencies, education, taxes to your country. There are no companies that can offer outsourcing services, it's your own project with your own team.
  2. Fair price and profitable budget. Here you can’t be duped. You will control all the processes of development and financing. You choose your own budget, which can be from 500 USD to even unlimited! It all depends on your needs.
  3. Simplicity and speed. Ukrainian specialists already have an organized system of work with foreign companies. It already works and proves its effectiveness. The geographical location of Ukraine, its closeness to Europe, European techniques and methods of work are much more profitable than Asian.
  4. Individuality. Team will be created exclusively to your needs. You choose talented specialists, decide what kind of staff and how many people you need. You choose the conditions and system of work. The whole working process and strategy are based on the benefit and convenience for your company
  5. Efficiency .This is not just a job for us. It will be your personal team. You will control and influence all business processes. You can see stages of work and adjust them at any time.
  6. Limitless possibilities Workforce, equipment, supplies, services, transportation... All of this is much cheaper in Ukraine than abroad. Any production processes can be cheaper and it does not mean that quality is lower. It can be IT technology, development of an application, web pages, system programs or making any kind of auxiliary materials and things and much more.
Alexander Sorochinskiy
Alexander Sorochinskiy

OUTSOURCING IN UKRAINE - If you want to reduce the company's costs, improve efficiency, reach higher level of work or start a new project – our offer can be really helpful for you! I think you already know that the biggest quantity of companies (your competitors) have already switched to effective scheme of outsourcing.