1. Ukraine, is it somewhere in Russia? 

40% of foreigners said that Ukraine is part of Russian Federation. One guy from France even said that Ukraine is the capital of Russia. Another one fairly admitted that it was the first time he heard about this country. Some people considered that Ukraine is situated somewhere in Europe but by mischance they didn't remember where exactly. Only 30% of people gave the correct answer to this question. And we are thankful for it because it could be even worse. Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe and has its own territory. It borders with Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland by land and Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey by sea.

2. What do you have for lunch? ? "Salo"(lard)?

One of the most widespread stereotypes about Ukraine is that everybody and everywhere here eats lard. It's a truth that the "salo" is part of our national cuisine. But we are not so crazy about it as people think. Moreover, almost all of them are sure that every second Ukrainian is obese because of the excessive intake of this product. I do not want to upset anyone, but a huge number of vegetarians lives in Ukraine. They do not eat meat and lard as well. By the way, according to statistics, the Ukrainians consume much less lard than, for example, the Poles or Germans.




3. You have, ohhh - ... Klitschko! 

Only 50% of respondents could answer the question about Ukrainian famous people. Some of them could even remember about our national writer Taras Shevchenko. Others had heard that lastname before, but probably only during football matches. To the same question the answer of one German was about Klitschko brothers and one Dutchman said about FC "Shakhtar" and FC "Dinamo Kiev". And it is not a surprise, because our sport achievements are known to the whole world. But besides sport we have outstanding people in literature, art and music. However, they usually are associated not with Ukraine but with Russia.

 4. How do you feel? Waseverything in Ukraine contaminated by radiation?

90% of foreigners said that they knew about Ukraine only because of the accident occurred in Chernobyl in 1986. Most of them even could describe reasons why the accident had happened. During the interview one girl from Belgium asked: "How do you feel living in Ukraine?". The reason she asked it was her confidence that people in Ukraine are under radiation and mutation for us is a usual problem. Probably if we had an opportunity to meet a man with seven fingers or a dog-cyclops in the street, our country would be the most popular place in the world. Millions of tourists would have liked to see this and thousands of videos you could have found in YouTube with amazing popularity. But the truth is that Ukraine doesn’t have such popularity and freaks can be seen only in horrors.


5. I saw the news... There are bullfights in your Parliament every day!

I know that European Mass Media talks very often about our politics, corruption, Yulia Tymoshenko, Gongadze and nothing else. But do you know the best part? Foreigners do not care what the reason of everything is and between whom it happens. For them, it's just a show. Very often Europeans and Americans receive distorted information. They take small parts from the truthful story and create a new one. It’s enough to look at it without glasses and everybody will see that they have the same problems with government, fraud and dishonest politics. All the stories are presented in different ways.





Of course not. And all the people who were here and saw life here will tell you this. Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe, a country with a long, heroic history, with good living conditions, mild climate, well-developed infrastructure. Of course, if a person prefers looking for negative it’s possible to find it everywhere, not only in Ukraine. I am not idealistic and understand that it’s impossible to find heaven on earth. All countries are different and have their own peculiarities. Ukrainian society has its specific characteristics, behavior that may seem unusual to anyone. One of them is a reflection of traditions; the other is the result of a bizarre historical development.
I hope my article will help you to think a little bit about the truth about Ukraine. And you will be interested in searching and watching undistorted information about Ukraine in Internet. YouTube is full of different movies which will be interested for you. For example if you are still thinking that we are eating only lard you should watch this video! The hero of this story, Furious Pete, is traveling the world in search of new adventures and experiences. And one more thing is that he really like to eat and a lot! When he was in Kiev, he visited a few nice restaurants and bars. I hope his experience show you how much delicious food in Ukraine and how varied our cuisine. Butnot this makesour country famous all over the world. The beauty of our girls, kindness and sincerity - here's what touristsand businessmen from different countries really love in Ukraine!
 In conclusion, I would like to remind you that we have a lot of things for being proud of our motherland. And of course, all of the respondents mentioned the beauty of Ukrainian girls, rich architectural plan of the city and melodical language. But also remember: Ukraine is not Russia or the Soviet Union. Ukraine is an independent state with its own customs culture and history. Do not listen what government say on the radio and what they show on TV. If you real want to know, how things is going in Ukraine you must come and judge it by yourself!
Alexander Sorochinskiy
Alexander Sorochinskiy

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