Top 5 mistakes in choosing a contractor company.

All of us have made mistakes sometimes - this is normal. The main thing in making mistakes is to try not to repeat them. In this short article, we will describe the most common mistakes that are allowed in choosing a contractor company.

1.Because they are cheaper!

Tell me honestly, you also come across this trick ?! A classic mistake that companies often make when taking an average project. In pursuit of over-saving, they turn a blind eye to the portfolio (in which there are not enough jobs, in order to draw conclusions about the experience of the contractor). They forget to find out who the contractor's team consists of (both quantitatively and qualitatively). Not interested in due to what, the company's contractor offers a price lower than its competitors.

2.They are expensive, so they will do better.

This item occurs less frequently than the first, but this does not make it less relevant. Expensive - still does not mean anything. For example, many Ukrainian 3D studios make really high-quality 3D visualizations, in quality not inferior to many world 3D companies based in Europe and the US. This is one of the reasons why Ukrainian companies are so successful in outsourcing.

3.ఏమి చెప్పావు చెప్పావు?

If you read our previous article - (link) then you know that you can not ignore the communication factor. It is the key to the implementation of any project. Despite the fact that the English language has become very popular all over the world, many have never learned to speak well of it. What to say, if sometimes one misunderstood word, can completely change the course of the project.

4.Choosing a company that works without having their own 3d artists in the state.

In our time, this structure of building companies is gaining popularity. When a company consists only of a management department, or even a single project manager. Directly the artists themselves, 3d artists, 3d modelers, Mate painters and others, are hired from the side. We do not say that such a system does not work, no. We say that such a system carries additional risks for the customer, for several reasons.
- the communication between the project manager and the performers is significantly more complicated (sometimes due to point 3)
- when you work with the same people in a team for a long time, you know all their strengths and weaknesses. You know how to interact with them to get the desired result. This gives you the opportunity to allocate your resources very effectively to the implementation of different projects, taking into account the peculiarities of each employee of the production department.
The problem is that usually companies that do not have their own 3d artists in the state do not know their performers very well, so they can not manage them as efficiently as possible.

5.Only local companies should be selected for projects.

In many cases, this rule really works well. But not in all. Do you know why? Because most likely you will overpay for work that you could do just as well but much cheaper.
In order to avoid repeating these mistakes, one should try to follow a few simple rules.

  1. The price should be justified. You should explain in detail how the cost of the project was formed, the more the better. If cheaper than others, then let the contractor explain by what? If more expensive, then let him explain on what basis? The more questions you ask the contractor about the price, the better!
  2. As one famous writer said: "Cooperation is the heaviest in the world of asceticism." We completely agree with him, because every day we perform this severe austerity, and you know quite well! One of the main factors for the successful implementation of the project is a detailed discussion of all the subtleties of the project even before the work on the project began.
  3. It is important to know the structure of the contractor's company, it must be understandable and simple. If it is complicated then wait for trouble. Ideally, it's better to visit the contractor's office, get acquainted with the team personally and ask all the necessary questions in person. If this is not possible, then gather as much information about the contractor from open sources, and compare it with what the 3D studio says about itself.
  4. This item is the most unusual, now you will find out why. Choose your contractors only happy people who enjoy their work. If your project involves happy people, believe me - success is guaranteed!
Alexander Sorochinskiy
Alexander Sorochinskiy

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