Praise the visual

Visual designer portfolio should speak for itself" that's how they say isn't it? Well, we think that we are the exact example of this saying.

As you are reading this we understand that you had a look at our portfolio and now being in the process of evaluating our work. You probably looking for 3D render pictures or architecture render but you surely found much more.

Let me tell you a bit about how it was done and what inspired us along the way. This visual designer portfolio was built up over five years of our active engagement in 3D computer graphics. All began with simple modelling, just playing around with major software and watching how easily it manages to create different objects. Who knew that this passion for creation would grow into something bigger.

Once upon a team

It all came up when one of us found a job opening in a very popular architectural visualization company. Tried to apply but without success because the company was seeking for an intern. Then we went locally, knocking on every door of an architect and developer offering our skills, still no results since at those times the companies underestimated the potential of rendering and visualization as a whole. We went on looking for our clients worldwide. In a few weeks we got a test project from Norway. It was a basic house with in a traditional Scandinavian style, neat and smooth.

Eager and happy we began exploring the web for more jobs while making our first 3D visualization project. Later we found that there is a huge demand for architectural visualization in Western Europe and that prices there were much higher than in our country. Soon we started offering outsourcing on a regular basis. There is no better motivation than feeling of ones usefulness.

Art fitness

Time went on; the works flew one after another. In two years we saw that our team flourished with projects and we decided to put it altogether in a single 3D visualization portfolio. Looking backwards, less than a half of these images were done during the first two years of our collaboration. Looking like a huge collection of high quality visuals it became in recent years. We've grown up in many directions.

Now it takes some time for a visitor to go through all the images and it all packed into a real nice looking website. You can see a variety of objects, different styles of architecture render and object modelling. We are a rapidly expanding ambitious team helping others and bringing art to this world. Willing to do our best to satisfy your needs.