5 questions to Visarteam CEO, Alexander Sorochinskiy

Why did you decide to work with 3D visualization in particular?

Sometimes it happens that you don’t choose your profession, but profession finds you. To cut the story short, being in the right place at the right time, I opened to myself the world of 3D visualisation, and realized how much it fits me and its importance for future.

What difficulties did you face during the past 10 years of work?

 I never classify my work for difficult and easy. Every task can be solved, it varies only for resources and time required. But i would like to emphasize on people. It often happens, that their actions are not corresponding to what they say.

What was the most remarkable project for you?

 To be honest, I remember almost all of our company’s projects. Some projects left a special mark in my memory for certain reasons, most of it are covered by NDA, but I believe that the most outstanding and memorable project is yet to come.

What is the most precious thing of Visarteam company?

The most precious thing is our employees who create and implement the philosophy of our company. First of all, we are a modern team that promotes principles of decency, professionalism, and responsibility for results.

What direction are you moving in for now, and how do you see the company in 10 years?

 For now we have maximally broadened the line of visual marketing services and are working in the B2B segment with the slogan Tops working for Tops and we are doing pretty good. Our further moves forward are to develop complete architectural projects and to open our representative offices all over the world. We have already achieved a lot, so I don’t think it will require 10 years.

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